In 2023 START POWER SRL, together with its partners CASELLI SPA and OMC SRL (presses manufacturer), supplied a new High Frequency (HF) plant for bent plywood production to the company LICIT LTD. in Kerta (Hungary).

START POWER supplied an HF generator mod. HFC 40/DU of 40 kW useful output power equipped with continuous power control and plc automatic cycle allowing to preset and memorize all parameters.

With this system is possible to create and recall all the recipes of different components to produce.

The HF START POWER Generator allows you to obtain very rapid gluing times and at the same time a very high-quality result.

The veneer sheets are first passed through a roller glue spreader in order to apply the glue uniformly and subsequently the pre-composed pack is loaded by the operator into the molds placed on the hydraulic press.
The closing phase occurs in two stages, first fast and then slower until the maximum set pressure is reached.
Subsequently, high frequency heating is started which acts directly on the material through the aluminum foils applied to the moulds, agitating the glue dipoles and causing heating through the physical phenomenon called “dielectric loss heating”.
At the end of the cycle, the press is normally kept under pressure with the HF switched off in order to cool and stabilize the material before its extraction and unloading.

The OMC mod PPC 20/80 press is equipped with vertical thrust from above of 160 TON and lateral thrust of 20 TON, used to create the most complex shapes.
The molds are normally made by the customer using sheets of beech plywood glued together and subsequently processed on a 5-axis CNC machining center and then covered with aluminum foil.

LICIT LTD boasts over 30 years of experience in the production of curved plywood components and is able to respond to any need of its customers, thanks to very advanced know-how and the top-level machinery and equipment with which it is equipped.